In the Roaring Twenties, the Maison was renowned for its technical and watchmaking expertise, during which time it produced more than 200 precious clocks and many precious objects. Among these creations, one of the most applauded was the astronomical clock reproducing the Armillary sphere.

As an homage to its founder, Vertige embodies the very Brand essence: Innovation, airiness and mystery. The freedom of movement showcases the outstanding craftmanship of the Maison. The collection is feminine thanks to the subtlety delicacy of its design. Creativity is translated through pieces like the mix and match earrings and the Tuileries ring.


A perennial element across the collections, the concept of time finds another manifestation with Emotion collection. The designs are inspired from the E-motion of the sand in an hourglass, depicted by the sliding diamond.

Playful, graceful, and versatile, this collection can be worn for special occasions and at work. It can be an excellent gift to mark a commitment of love.


Inspired by the fables of the remarkable French poet Jean de la Fontaine, Verger Frères, for close to a century, has illustrated his creations into astounding pieces of jewelry.

Fable Origami is a collection that gives anew lease of life to historic pieces of the Maison, by modernizing the collection through the simplicity of the Japanese paper folding technique- the art of origami. Contemporary designs rooted in cultural heritage.

The collection is low key and subtle, designed for young women, it can be worn everyday.